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Letter of thanks from China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

On April 24, 2020, our company received a letter of appreciation from China Construction Third Bureau Co., Ltd. At this moment, we received such a letter. I am touched that only by participating and having experienced it can I appreciate the hardship and the sense of accomplishment in the process of assisting the construction of Thunder Mountain Hospital.


On April 15th, with the successful transfer of the last batch of patients with new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan, Huoshen Mountain and Thunder Mountain Hospitals were officially closed, marking a staged victory in the fight against the epidemic in Hubei Province. As the builders of the "Two Mountains" hospital, we jointly feel honored and proud to take on the important task of hospital construction and to participate in the defense of Wuhan.


On the eve of the Spring Festival, the new crown pneumonia virus swept through Jingchu and spread throughout the country. Wuhan City, Hubei Province actively implements the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at the core. It has been decided that the China Construction Third Bureau will build two emergency hospitals in Huoshenshan Hospital and Raytheon Mountain in Wuhan according to the Beijing "Xiaotangshan" hospital model. At the critical moment when it is needed by the people of the whole country, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau and Yinhong Mobile Home (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. have made a retrograde move and have gone hand in hand, resolutely shouldering the heavy responsibility of hospital construction. In this battle to race against time, race against epidemics, and sustain life for life, we started a battle for homeland defense, epidemic sniping, and construction conference. Wuhan Vulcan Mountain and Thunder Mountain Hospital were built with high efficiency and high quality. The "China Speed" that has amazed the world has become an important fulcrum for the fight against the epidemic in Wuhan and even China.


During the construction of Huoshen Mountain and Raytheon Mountain Hospitals, our company is not afraid of risks and retrogrades to dangers, showing a strong responsibility and Chicheng's family feelings, and has made due contributions to the construction of the project. Here, our company is also particularly grateful to China Construction Third Bureau Co., Ltd. for giving us such a cooperation opportunity. We will continue to promote our selflessness and dedication, and look forward to your two sides to continue to work together to write a new chapter of enterprise development.