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Preparing Super Major project in Southeast Asia

Preparing Super Major project in Southeast Asia 

----recorded the successful project of Malaysia East Coast Railway project

The Malaysian East Coast Railway Project is a major consensus between Mr Najib and President Xi Jinping during his visit to China and is a landmark project to build a "Belt  and  Road". The total investment of  89 billion RMB, is the largest overseas investment project of China  to date, is the Southeast Asia Major Project, attracting the world's attention.

The project is constructed by the China Construction Group, once our company receiving the biding invitation , we organized personnel, set up a special project team, discussed  the program day and night immediately. Then  we appointed staff to visit Malaysia for studying and  communication, we made respective division of labor clearly and tender work orderly.


After many rounds of public bidding negotiations, our company with rich overseas project operation experience and strong production capacity, won 30,000 square meters of prefabricated house  and 40,000 square meters of steel bar processing field of the target!

Yinhong Mobile House(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is a professional large-scale intergrated housing enterprise. Integrating development , design, production, sales, installation together. Our company was established in 2003. The total investment of our company is 80 million RMB, both Shanghai and Suzhou have production bases. We have introduced foreign investment in October 2017 and establish Yinhong Modular House (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. becoming a joint venture. In the same year , we entered the Taiwan market and established Tacheng Portable Luxury Buildings Co.,Ltd. completing the layout of diversified business strategy gradually .


We adhere to the thinking strategy bases on China, takes a broad view in the world and we follow our country’s strategy of ” The Belt and Road”. At present , our products are not only served the domestic market but also exported to 36 countries around the world. Our products are widely used in construction sites, government temporary dwellings, emergency relief , tourist camp, mines, oil field , island , military camp and other fields.


Our company employs more than 100 works who has a strong team spirit and rich experience in operating the large projects at home and overseas. We believe that the project will be successfully delivered to the customer a satisfactory answer! Willing Yinhon is not only your trustworthy supplier but also your competitive and responsible partner!