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Yinhong Mobile House Built Wuhan Coronavirus leishenshan Hospital



On the evening of 25th January,Yinhong Company's general manager David Chen received a call from the China Construction Third Bureau of Wuhan. They needed to produce a batch of Ward for the LeiShenshan Hospital using container house. “At that time, things were not completely settled, but considering the importance of the matter, I contacted the employees overnight to prepare a plan and start work at anytime” 


On the 26th, Mr.Chen officially received the notice of supplying 300 to 500 sets of container houses to Leishenshan COVID-19 Hospital. The entire company immediately divided the labor according to the plan. "The search department of the logistics department, the search department of the installation department, and the emergency allocation of goods via friends. “


In the evening of the 26th, Yinhong Company loaded the first batch of 30 sets of trucks that supplied Wuhan Hospital with 15 installation technicians and rushed to Wuhan. More than 60 workers assembled the containers on the 27th.


The local government organizing a farewell ceremony at the factory after receiving the news. Encouraging YinHong employees to represent the people ’s determination to fight the epidemic; “I hope everyone will show a good image. We must be serious and responsible, pay attention to quality, and speed up. Wuhan people contribute to the fight against the epidemic! "


All the staff who went to the Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital signed the voluntary letter stated the following: 

"We are the employees of Yinhong Mobile House in Zhenze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, and volunteer to build the Lei Shenshan Emergency Hospital in Jiangxia District, Wuhan. Fighting the epidemic is a national concern, and i have a responsibility. I am willing to contribute to the construction of the hospital. All responsibilities are borne by me".

People's Daily, Jiangsu TV, and other media all went the Yinhong factory to report on the spot.




In order to speed up the progress and avoid the risk of cross-infection in Wuhan, 80 large trucks

lined up on two sides of the factory road, and quickly transported to Wuhan after the container

assembly was completed.


At the same time, in order to speed up the progress, YinHong employees who went to the front line also performed synchronous assembly on the scene in Wuhan. We raced against time.



Everywhere wearing orange uniform are Yinhong people on the site of Wuhan LeiShenshan Hospital. They are not afraid of suffering or tired,they have no time to be nervous and afraid of being infected by the virus. The belief in everyone ’s heart only speeds up, and the day before, the hospital can treat patients earlier.


We finally fulfilled our mission and successfully completed! 300 sets of container houses are delivered in 4 batches within 4 days, each flat pack can accommodate 2 to 4 people, and can provide about 1,200 beds.




Contract for the construction of LeiShenshan covid 19 Hospital:



Certificate of Transport of Special Materials at Leishenshan Hospital


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