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YinHong Mobile House(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. May 2020 Sales Department Meeting

Yinhong Mobile House(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. May 2020 sales department meeting was held in the factory. Participants: All business personnel of the company. Meeting time: 2 PM on June 9, 2020. 


The meeting agenda is divided into:

1. The work report of the sales staff of the domestic marketing department

2. The work report of the business personnel of the International Department

3. Summary of Logistic Problems of the Deputy General Manager of Production

4. The general manager analyzes the sales performance report, highlights and deficiencies of the monthly work and summarizes the key points of this meeting

Five months have passed in 2020, our company has solved problems and worked together to thoroughly analyze the impact of the entire domestic and international market caused by the epidemic.


From January to March, the domestic upper and lower markets are tightly closed, and in April we gradually resumed work. We are highly sensitive to the domestic engineering projects and construction sites as personnel in the temporary construction industry, and we will follow as soon as there is movement. The international epidemic is spreading, and the international market cannot enter, but our international business people are not sitting still. Under the leadership of the company leaders, we have made various early preparations for the market to pick up. With this special period, we must be more targeted and deeper. Comprehensive analysis, the latest news of the Internet era, the company's network platform industry report, market demand, during the epidemic, overseas demand for mobile homes, modular houses, and container houses.

As Singapore resumes work one after another, our overseas projects can be shipped in boxes one after another. The procurement information of the client's project consultation recently, the breakdown of the project drawings, and the design of the scheme are all proceeding smoothly. It is predicted that the outbreak period of major foreign engineering projects in the second half of the year. Our international department will strive to do everything well, but it owes the Dongfeng. In the second half of the year, we must go all out to sprint for the annual performance in the end!

The extraordinary in 2020, we must actively challenge the extraordinary, do our own job well, once the timing changes, we can face the challenge!