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Flat Pack

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Flat-Pack is a type of modular products designed byusing the steel frame and light-weight wall panelssystem. One Flat-Pack consists of top frame, bottom frame, 4 posts and 14 pieces exchangeable wall panels. It can be flattened for easy transporting.


As one of the Flat-Pack series products, Folding Box is also designed by using the steel frame and lightweight wall panels system. One Folding Box consists of a bathroom pod, 2 foldable top frames, 2 foldable bottom frames, 4 corner columns and 6 pieces of wall panels with pre-installed doors and windows.

The unfolded container is 5950mm in length, 3300mm in width and 2550mm in height. After folding up, the length reduces from 5950mm to 2090mm, the other two figures remain the same. Folding Box is easy for transport that each 40' high-cube shipping container can have 3 of them stored.

Folding Box is a stand-alone product, which cannot be combined horizontally or stacked vertically. The bathroom pod, as the most complicated part of the prefab building, is installed in the factory completely, thus to minimize the on-site work and make it a preferable product for the use of any site with very limited delivery time.

Flat-Pack can be used as the office, accommodation, canteen, bathroom and other big open spaces, to meet the needs of construction site, fieldwork camp, social housing, disaster site and other commercial purposes. Flat-Pack is widely used in Europe, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other areas.