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T House

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YH T house uses light weight steel structure as the basis and foundation of floor loading capacity. It fully takes advantages of the strength of sandwich wall panel and roof panel, constructed by bolting necessary stee components, such as beams, trusses, columns and others. It uses modular design with flexible interior layout beautiful appearance, good thermal and sound indulation performance.

The luxury movable board house uses light steel as the skeleton, sandwich panel as the enclosing material, and the standard modular series is used for space combination. The components are connected by bolts, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Adopt reinforced steel frame, pay attention to the firm, beautiful and comfortable building of the house. The steel skeleton adopts an invisible design, so that the skeleton of the board house is hidden inside the wall of the house.

Luxury prefab house performance

1. Reliable structure: Light steel flexible structure system, safe and reliable, meeting the requirements of building structure design specifications.

2. Beautiful decoration: The movable board room has a beautiful appearance, bright color, soft texture, smooth surface and good decoration effect.

3. Flexible layout: The doors and windows of the movable board room can be set at any position, and the indoor partition can be set at any horizontal axis. The staircase is set outdoors.

4. Structural waterproofing: The movable board house adopts structural waterproofing design without any additional waterproofing treatment.

5. Long service life: The light steel structure is treated with anti-corrosion paint, and the normal service life can reach more than 10 years.

6. Environmental protection and saving: the design of the board house is reasonable, the disassembly and assembly are simple, it can be used repeatedly, the loss rate is low, and no construction waste is generated. The average annual use cost is much lower than similar houses built with other materials.

7. Variety of specifications: The luxurious movable board house adopts standardized components. The length and width are T (1K = 1150mm) as the modulus, and the height is P (1P = 950mm) as the modulus. The horizontal dimension of the house is mK + 100, and the vertical dimension is nK + 100.

Product structure

The luxurious movable board house is made of high-strength materials, with 55MM channel steel and double 12 # channel steel as the bone structure, and 75MM color steel sandwich big wave tile as the roof material. Adopt flat roof structure, pay attention to appearance and performance design. Durable, suitable for daily houses, shops, temporary offices.


Luxury T use

Luxury mobile homes are widely used in temporary construction houses for field operations such as roads, railways, and buildings.

Urban municipal, commercial and other temporary housing. Temporary office, meeting room, command headquarters, dormitory and temporary shop, temporary school, temporary hospital, temporary parking lot, temporary exhibition hall, temporary maintenance department, temporary gas station