Modular construction is a relatively new building process

Modular construction is a relatively new building process, which you’ll hear a lot of mixed opinions about. Up until recently, modular houses were frowned upon and were thought to be of a lower quality than conventionally-built houses. However, the industry has evolved significantly in the past several years, and prefabricated houses are now becoming increasingly more popular.
Prefabricated, or modular, homes are built in a controlled environment, which allows for foundation and site work to be done simultaneously.Plus, the fact that all of the construction is done in a factory significantly reduces delays that usually occur as a result of theft, vandalism or bad weather.
In other words, they easily pass all kinds of inspections thanks to the fact that they are built in a climate-controlled facility using precise methods and equipment. The plans for the homes have exact specifications regarding the building procedures and the materials used, which means the final project is guaranteed to end up being as initially planned.
When compared to traditional houses, modular structures go through more initial wear and tear due to the fact that they need to be transported and craned. For that reason, they’re built to be stronger in order for the final structure to pass building standards and codes. Therefore, with stronger modules, modular homes can have the same or even higher levels of quality as on-site-built houses.

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