Congratulations on the relocation of Yinhong Mobile Housing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Congratulations to our company for moving to the 9th floor of Zhongbo Building, Jiading, Shanghai on August 25, 2020. All employees of the Shanghai company and the Suzhou plant participated in the hou

2020 International Green Architecture and Construction Materials (Shanghai )Expo .(ESBUILD) --Boosting Assembly Industry High Quality Development

In order to further promote the recovery and sustainable development of the green building materials industry during the normalization of the epidemic, the 12th Green Architecture and Construction Mat

YinHong Mobile House(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. May 2020 Sales Department Meeting

Yinhong Mobile House(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. May 2020 sales department meeting was held in the factory. Participants: All business personnel of the company. Meeting time: 2 PM on June 9, 2020. The me

Yinhong Mobile Home (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2020 First Quarter Work Summary Meeting

Yinhong Mobile Home (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Work Summary Meeting for the first quarter of 2020 was successfully held at the factory on April 28, 2020.The first quarter of 2020 is a calamity for China. No

Letter of thanks from China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

On April 24, 2020, our company received a letter of appreciation from China Construction Third Bureau Co., Ltd. At this moment, we received such a letter. I am touched that only by participating and h

China Hui-style Prefab House Project Has Been Completed

After completing the construction of the container house project of Leishenshan Hospital. Domestic and foreign projects have been carried out one after another. Cambodian project negotiation, Philippine project visit, factory production and delivery.

Yinhong Mobile House Built Wuhan Coronavirus leishenshan Hospital

On the evening of 25th January,Yinhong Company's general manager David Chen received a call from the China Construction Third Bureau of Wuhan. They needed to produce a batch of Ward for the LeiS

Develop civil integrated mobile housing and solve people's housing in remote areas

Delong Xiong held talks with Chen Guo, Marketing Director of China Yinhong Company: Develop civil integrated mobile housing and solve people's housing in remote areasOn January 14th and 15th, we a

Yin Hong's 2019 Annual meeting summary

Time flies, another year in a flash. At the end of 2019, all colleagues of Yinhong company gathered in Suzhou Taihu cowboy Street resort for a 2-day Team-building activity and year-end summary meeting

Preparing Super Major project in Southeast Asia

Preparing Super Major project in Southeast Asia  ----recorded the successful project of Malaysia East Coast Railway projectThe Malaysian East Coast Railway Project is a major consensus between Mr

Adhering to the spirit of artisans, helping the development of the country

Remember that the CCTV "Ingenuity" column team visited the site of Yinhong Factory CCTV's "Ingenuity" column is a large TV documentary program. Through the form of location sho

"Belt and Road" construction project for Malaysia East Coast Railway

    The railway project of the east coast of Malaysia is the major consensus reached between prime minister najib razak and President xi jinping during his visit to China and is a