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Congratulations on the relocation of Yinhong Mobile House(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Congratulations to our company for moving to the 9th floor of Zhongbo Building, Jiading, Shanghai on August 25, 2020. All employees of the Shanghai company and the Suzhou plant participated in the housewarming celebration with excitement.

General Manager Chen Ye firmly believes that the company has the confidence and strength to create a better future. On the way forward, in order to provide a good working environment and benefits for all employees, the company's leaders also strive to give employees a comprehensive consideration. The company's continuous growth and rapid development are also inseparable from the hard work and hard work of each employee. Work happily, grow happily, and live happily. Let us live in harmony in this Yinhong family and create a better future. I sincerely wish the company's business prosperous!


Looking at the present, we are full of ambition; wishing the future, we are full of pride. On the occasion of the company's relocation, I sincerely thank the customers, allies and leaders of the competent departments who have given the company a long-term support. May we make progress together, new environment, new journey, new goals!


After the housewarming celebration, all employees of the company participated in the meeting. The theme of the meeting mainly revolved around the vital interests of the employees, the personnel files of the employees, the salary and benefits of the employees, training plans and promotion channels.