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2019 New Type Living Container House Melbourne Australia Project

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2019 New Type Living Container House Melbourne Australia Project

International Cases, Projects 31/03/2022 562

The container house designed and built by Yinhong mobile house (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is exported to Melbourne, Australia. The project is made of container materials, which can be disassembled, packed and reused. It conforms to the environmental protection standards of Australia and has CE certification. It is beautiful and environmental friendly.

Project address: Melbourne, Australia

Detachable house: 100

Products used: Detachable container

Completion time: 2 months

container house

Project Description

It’s wise for customer from Melbourne, Australia to choose Yinhong Mobile House, because customers know that our products, quality, technology and service are what they need. From trial order to a large number of orders, as well as long-term cooperation. We use container materials, not only the structure is stable, the service life is long, the service life of the container is up to 15 years, but also the installation is fast, the construction cycle is short, and the combination is flexible. The container houses are all installed with a sliding 360 degree snap structure, which does not need any rivets, welding and other fixed methods. The assembly is relatively flexible. It can be used in a single house, or can be combined horizontally or vertically and superposed according to the actual needs of the project.

container home

container room

The Following Container House Is For Warehouse

container houses

During the half year of cooperation, our customer understood and support our work from trial order to batch order. We have the ability to make customers satisfied with their requirements. We communicate with customers one by one and implement the requirements from purchasing raw materials and electricity and plumbing required by customers. Only after being recognized by customers, can we carry out the next link. We know that from the initial introduction of business and customers, customers come to visit the factory, because of the particularity of the products, we need to constantly improve until the customer is satisfied, and praise for YinHong!

container house

Yinhong mobile house always adheres to the principle of quality and service first, striving to let our products go out to customers’ hands are exquisite, and still have reliable guarantee when customers use them. For the needs of modular house, container house and temporary construction facilities of engineering construction, we can obtain satisfactory product consultation, technical support, after-sales service and other one-stop services from Yinhong mobile house.

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