Advantages of Prefab, Modular and Panelized Homes

Reduced Labor Costs – Modular, panelized and prefab home construction can save up to 20 – 50% or more on on-site labor costs. No construction days lost to inclement weather.
Reduced Material Costs – Precision factory home component manufacturing leads to up to 20% reduction in material waste. Indoor material storage can greatly reduce material waste and degradation.
Reduced Time and Improved Scheduling – Prefab homes are quicker to build and improve scheduling accuracy and efficiencies.
Improved Home Quality and Performance – Building home components in climate-controlled factories may improve the quality and consistency of building. Moisture protected factory building may also prevent mold growth on building materials during construction. Home components built to withstand transport and delivery often feature improved structural qualities. Previous FEMA reports suggests structural benefits of modular construction compared to traditional site-built housing after Hurricane Andrew.
Ultra-high Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Design and Materials – factory building of home components like walls panels make standardization of best-practice techniques like ultra-high efficiency insulation, rain-screen wall construction and advanced framing techniques more accessible and more affordable for builders.
Reduced Overall Cost – In general, building a modular or prefab home will save money – depending greatly on your location and the availability of prefab housing products in your market. The greatest cost benefit of building prefab is seen in areas with very high costs of home construction, like California, The Pacific Northwest and New England.

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