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Adhering to the spirit of artisans, helping the development of the country

_______ Remember that the CCTV “Ingenuity” column team visited the site of Yinhong Factory.

Media Coverage

CCTV’s “Ingenuity” column is a large TV documentary program. Through the form of location shooting, it depicts the great craftsmen and ingenuity. Tell the innovative traditional skills, inherit the artisan spirit, and tell the story behind the company.

On January 3, 2018, the “Ingenuity” column group, led by the reviewer He Chao, a group of 4 people came to our factory to conduct field inspections and exchanges. Our company’s general manager David Chen and deputy general manager Zhou Zhangrong accompanied the reception throughout the process and warmly introduced the company’s development status. The column group visited the movable board room, container room, new villa room, and sample apartment of hotel apartment of our factory, and went deep into the production workshop to inspect the production process.

Media Coverage

After a full day of interviews and rigorous examinations, our company’s various conditions fully met the shooting requirements of the “Ingenuity” column group. The column group decided on the spot to hold a startup ceremony on the other day for formal field shooting production.

The company’s Mr.David Chen firmly believes that with the correct strategic thinking, treating products and customers with a craftsmanship mentality is the long-term survival and development of the company! For many years, both the company employees and company partners have full trust in the company’s spirit of craftsmanship, helping the country develop, and making China’s craftsmanship go global.

Media Coverage

In the future, we will work harder to develop, maintain an attitude of continuous learning and continuous improvement, and strive to create value for customers and contribute to the development of the country!

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