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Develop Civil Integrated Mobile Housing And Solve People’s Housing In Remote Areas

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Develop Civil Integrated Mobile Housing And Solve People’s Housing In Remote Areas

Company News, News 26/11/2018 941

Delong Xiong held talks with Chen Guo, Marketing Director of China Yinhong Company: Develop civil integrated mobile housing and solve people’s housing in remote areas

On January 14th and 15th, we are honored that our marketing director, Mr. Chen Guo, and Mr. Ren Xiaojin, were invited to hold talks at Jakarta International Daily by the chairman of Indonesian Bear Group and International Daily Newspaper Group Chairman Xiong Delong.

Chairman Xiong Delong said that the invitation to visit Yin Hong was mainly in response to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” initiative, allowing more Chinese private enterprises to develop overseas markets. The Xiong Group introduced Yin Hong Company to the Indonesian market, mainly to develop the civilian functions of integrated mobile homes, and to more conveniently solve the housing problem of people in remote areas of Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country prone to natural disasters. Integrated mobile homes are characterized by earthquake resistance and fire prevention. It only takes more than ten days to build a mobile home, and the use period of the house is about 20 years. The construction cost is low and the public can afford it. Mr. Xiong Delong hopes to support President Jokowi’s policy program during his new term with practical actions, including the construction of housing in poor areas, so that the majority of the poor have food, clothing and home.

Xiong Delong also said that Xiong’s Group and Yinhong Company signed an intent agreement and plans to jointly build an integrated mobile housing factory in Indonesia. It does not require a large amount of imported mobile housing materials, and can obtain good finished products on the spot, while solving the local employment problem. The cooperation plan will be launched after the Spring Festival. At that time, model houses will be built in multiple provinces to understand the market demand in various places, and bank loans will be provided to buyers for installments.

Integrated mobile houses are divided into two major categories, one is temporary housing for engineering infrastructure, which is used for several years according to the construction period, and the other is non-temporary civilian housing, such as tourist attractions and ecological manors. The use time is relatively long, generally more than ten Twenty years.

Yinhong Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly this year, which is consistent with the expansion of overseas markets by Chinese-funded enterprises. After President Xi Jinping put forward the “Belt and Road” initiative, Yin Hong Company focused its development on countries along the “Belt and Road”. Indonesia is a friendly neighbor with a traditional friendship with China. It has formed a relaxed and harmonious investment environment, and Yinhong has seized the opportunity to follow the trend.

In the economic and trade exchanges between China and Indonesia, Yinhong hopes to contribute its own strength. Mr. Chen Guo said: We have entered the Indonesian market four or five years ago, and have completed and under construction more than 20 or 30 businesses, mainly to build temporary houses and related facilities for Chinese-funded enterprises’ engineering infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

On behalf of Yin Hong, Mr. Chen Guo came to Indonesia for the first time at the invitation of Mr. Xiong Delong, and visited many places to conduct field inspections. For this, he expressed his deep gratitude to Mr. Xiong Delong. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with the Bear Group. In the end, Mr. Chen Guo hoped that under the guidance of Mr. Xiong Delong, Yin Hong could expand its business in Indonesia and contribute to Indonesia’s economic construction.

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