Made of heat-resistant, heat-insulating and heat-resistant materials.

With Vietnam’s rich tropical rainforest climate, it is suitable for architects to choose beautiful container materials. In order to solve beautiful containers such as sound insulation, heat insulation and heat protection, heat insulation materials should be used to resist heat and heat. And Durkheim lex’s crystal plate (right sharp fiber composite plate) is a perfect choice, which can solve the above defects.

When using Du Pingyuan crystal glass to make walls and floors, your container samples have other advantages:

Heat-resistant and heat-resistant: advanced production technology and environmental protection materials can have good heat energy. Meet the primary standards and build a container that is easy to be comfortable, comfortable and easy to save.
Water resistance to prevent absolute humidity: chemical molecules are closely combined to form a protective film, which is helpful for waterproof board. Perfect protection for external influences.
Good fire prevention ability: suitable for places with high fire prevention standards.
Health and safety: Dulaiduoji cement has been improving the health level, without asbestos and causing cancer.
Durability: afj-lex cement concrete slab with high height can improve product life.
Beauty: Dudley Meida crystal glass achieves high quality with smooth plane, and has a variety of dynamic colors, which will not shrink or buckle.

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