Beautiful, stable and optimized container construction guide

According to the basic steps, the container project will be divided into three main projects. Including: foundation, water and electricity network-air conditioning and roof.

1. Container foundation treatment
In order to build a solid, endurance, weather foundation. .. you need to pay attention to the blueprint, soil and climate. If you want to build solid soil, not just sand, ocean and pond. .. you can also use nails to make concrete. However, the soil is soft and the uncertainty should be deeper than the claws.

2. Power grid, water and air conditioning engineering construction
To have a spacious and cool container, a power plant needs to be built, and water and air conditioning are complete but neat. To do this, you need a subway map before installation. At the same time, the water and air conditioning system must be reasonable. It depends on the financial ability and use requirements of the equipment you choose to install, but it is still safe for the whole system.

3. Roof construction, blue-green manufacturing scene
The roof is like the cash of a house. Therefore, you need to decorate the roof to integrate into this whole, but it is no less than modern. For this purpose, natural wood, industrial wood and wood chips that cover the style with solar energy can be used.

In addition, roof construction should avoid using heat-absorbing materials. Instead, you can use heat-resistant materials, heat insulation walls.

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