To form a house, the foundation is very important, but for prefabricated houses, foundation design materials are extremely simple and can work on any terrain from concrete, soft ground, or even is right on the water. Just a flat surface. Prefab houses are very easy to construct, so they can meet the needs of building a dream house according to their own ideas and designs.
The airtight walls are covered with an energy efficient metal roof that reflects light and heat. A series of high-performance glass windows span the front of the house, letting in enough natural light to reduce energy consumption.
This design gives us a deeper look at the interior, creating a feeling of airiness. Featured with glass walls, pale wood floors, stainless steel appliances.
The exterior walls of the house make a difference due to the use of different materials and colors. With homes built using prefabricated solutions, there are many choices in using the right materials.
The combination of dark wood floors and light colors of walls and windows creates a simple yet sophisticated overall design. You can design more curtains to use when needed.

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