Created in a collaboration with award-winning designers

magine your dream home, designed by your favorite architect. Flooded with natural light, cozy rooms flow into one another and into open-plan spaces that open towards nature. A house nestled in a meadow, built by a mountain lake, or on the beach in a sandy grassland. A place where you can always feel at home, even if you’re just taking a break from the city. The great thing is, making this dream a reality is easier now than it has ever been before. And it’s mainly down to one innovation: prefabricated architectural elements. More than just a breakthrough in terms of building costs, sustainability, and convenience, prefab structures also provide a huge range of advantages. In this modern prefab house list, you will discover just how varied and beautifully designed these types of homes really are.

Created in a collaboration with award-winning designers, made with a modern rustic design, or optimized for comfort, these prefab houses are what design lovers’ dreams are made of. From getaway cabins and weekend retreats, this list may even include your new home.

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