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Yinhong Mobile Home (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2020 First Quarter Work Summary Meeting

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Yinhong Mobile Home (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2020 First Quarter Work Summary Meeting

Company News, News 26/11/2018 240

Yinhong Mobile Home (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Work Summary Meeting for the first quarter of 2020 was successfully held at the factory on April 28, 2020.

The first quarter of 2020 is a calamity for China. No one in the country knows it. Faced with such a sudden disaster, we are brave and we are tenacious. We closely follow the call of the country and actively cooperate to do our part. Disasters are not terrible, what is terrible is that we have a heart to defeat disasters and put into practical action.

Disaster and opportunity coexist. This time, Yin Hong people have done a limit challenge and faced many difficulties. General Manager Chen Ye is not afraid, and he has created the Yin Hong miracle together with everyone. It can be said that China’s speed, as Yin Hong people, My heart is always full of pride and pride.

The focus of this meeting is to commend and reward our advanced individuals who have gone through the thundering mountain project. It is precisely because we have the first-line builders who have quietly paid for the family and we have the honor to spend it. Difficult. You are the heroes of retrograde, and we pay tribute to you, because we have made your hard work, we will achieve a staged victory, this is a great feat that the Chinese people praise for you.

General Manager Chen Ye personally presented awards to advanced individuals. Everyone shared difficulties, honors and humiliations, shared the same boat, and created brilliance together. We hope that more advanced workers will emerge in the company to make greater achievements for the company, the country and themselves.

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