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Big Project Of Three-Story K-Type Prefab House In Cambodia

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Big Project Of Three-Story K-Type Prefab House In Cambodia

International Cases, Projects 31/03/2022 366

At the moment, there are not many cases of three-story K-type prefab house in foreign market, but this project of nearly 2000 square meters of K-type prefab house in Phnom Penh, Cambodia has become the strong point of Yinhong Mobile House. Because of its specialty and our experience in large-scale projects, Yinhong is very confident and capable of doing well in product quality and installation services.

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Now customers have gradually found suitable suppliers in the more mature e-commerce platform, which is the general trend of all walks of life, and our products and services are also imperative. Of course, our e-commerce platform is also becoming mature. Our old customers have successfully found us, inspected our factories and checked our product quality for many times. For new customers, we should change them into our old customers in the spirit of our service purpose.

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We have fully opened up the market of our Yinhong mobile house project in Cambodia, and we will continue to maintain the market we have occupied, but also to break through the new market.

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