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Color Steel Shed Warehouse Project In Shanghai

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Color Steel Shed Warehouse Project In Shanghai

Domestic Cases, Projects 31/03/2022 294

Just as the major businesses are busy preparing goods, buyers are immersed in various “Taobao” style shopping carts, waiting for the arrival of “double 11” in 2016, the major express and logistics companies are also preparing for the operation of goods after the double 11.

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In October, manager Zou of Yunda logistics company came to us and planned to build a temporary warehouse near Anting, Jiading District, Shanghai, for the turnover subcontracting of the double 11 and double 12. Due to the lack of time, YinHong’s personnel immediately arrived at the site for investigation, measurement, discussion with both parties, and finally made a plan.

After a week, the 26 meter long-span light steel processing shed, Yunda logistics double 11 logistics transfer warehouse and temporary warehouse were built. When November 11 arrived, the staff of Yinhong Mobile house were installing the circuit on site, checking all details, and doing a good job of tail acceptance. To ensure that the goods of Taobao friends are delivered to their hands quickly and smoothly!

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The light steel processing shed of the temporary warehouse of the transfer warehouse is built quickly, the construction period is short, and the quality is excellent.

When the buyers received the goods snapped up online, we also made a contribution to the double 11, which is our inner pride!

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