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Domestic Cases, Projects 31/03/2022 986

Client Name: Changjia Real Estate;

Project address: Qidong, Jiangsu (Changjia Coastal City)

Quantity: 41 buildings (40㎡ each);

container house

Improved T-room fashion

New styles are constantly being made, and customer needs come to order. There will eventually be the house you want. As long as you need it, we will rule out the difficulty of meeting your needs and serve every one of our customers.

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Learn about the material requirements of this double-slope T number room:

1) The external wall board is 75mm (iron sheet substrate 0.326) + dark brown PVC external wall board

2) Inner wall panel: The wall panel is 75mm (iron sheet substrate 0.326); the intersection of the inner partition wall and the inner partition wall is made of curved aluminum alloy

3) The roof uses 50mm (iron sheet substrate 0.326) rock wool flat plate + waterproof coiled material + gray strip asphalt tile

4) The roof adopts the free-fall method, and the dripping edging adopts a folding piece not less than 0.5mm thick (or adopts aluminum alloy)

container home

5) The ground beam is a 1.5mm thick steel folding piece + chemical bolt fixing

6) The steel skeleton inside the room needs to be wrapped in iron sheets, and the welding points of the steel skeleton need to be painted with anti-rust paint + silver powder paint.

7) PVC ceilings are required for indoor, front canopy and back eaves

8) All toilet partitions and bathroom partitions adopt “wood grain color” melamine board partitions, urinal partitions are 600mm wide * 1000mm high

9) The window adopts a special anti-theft integrated double-layer hollow glass sliding window for the packing box, and the door adopts a pressure lock and integrated door

container room

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