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Project Department Of SCEGC Zhejiang Shanshui International Resort

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Project Department Of SCEGC Zhejiang Shanshui International Resort

Domestic Cases, Projects 31/03/2022 937

Since the project of SCEGC Zhejiang Shanshui Liuqi international resort has landed in Haiyan, all major construction enterprises have been busy. Shanxi Construction Engineering Group, which has cooperated with us for a long time, has undertaken relevant temporary accommodation rooms and offices required by the project department.

container house

Project Name: Project Department of SCEGC Zhejiang Shanshui International Resort

Contracted products:

1. Office container

2. Conference rooms in steel structure

3. K type prefab house Dormitory

Duration: 35 days

Completion time: June 14, 2018

Area: 5000 square meters

container home

container room

Yinhong mobile house (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is also a qualified supplier of stable mobile house, container house supply and installation engineering of Shanxi Construction Engineering Group after screening. The main products are office containers, conference rooms in steel structure and K-type house. The whole construction period is about 35 days, and the whole area is nearly 5000 square meters.

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