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Turkish disaster relief room sample box

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Turkish disaster relief room sample box

International Cases, Projects 21/03/2023 200

At 9:17 a.m. Beijing time on February 6th, 2023 (4:17 a.m. local time on February 6th), a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey with a focal depth of 20 kilometers. Earthquakes cause social losses (loss of housing, education, health, employment, environment, etc…), damaged many infrastructures (loss of drinking water and sewerage, urban utilities, energy facilities, transportation and communication facilities, etc.), and economic losses (agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tourism). On March 18th, 2023, local time, Turkish Vice President Fouad Oktay said that the powerful earthquake on 6 of February, 2023 has killed 49,589 people in the country, destroyed their homes by the earthquake, and left tens of thousands homeless.
The biggest advantage of container houses is that they are easy to assembly, quick to build, firm structure, flexible layout, can be used as temporary resettlement housing, and are also the first preferred products for post-disaster reconstruction and government rescue and resettlement of refugees.

Within a week, Yinhong Mobile House Company received more than 30 inquiries from Turkey, ranging from the most emergency collapsible box house to the fast consolidation room. At the first time, according to the Turkish government product demand, the technical department adjusted the plan to made samples, and also attracted different customers to the factory for field inspection.

Yinhong factory Turkish disaster relief room sample box

Layout (3x7m, with bedroom,hand wash basin, toilet, shower, wash sink, kitchen)

Due to the large demand of orders, the company attaches great importance to it, and on March 12th, the general manager of Yinhong Mobile House Company Mr. David and Wendy, the foreign trade manager, personally visited customers in Turkey and signed a supply agency agreement with local buyers.

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